Why Men Should Opt For Laser Hair Removal?

Published On February 22, 2023 | By Shakthi Sai Prashanthi B

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Since the evolution of laser hair removal treatment, the concept has been mainly associated with women. Lasers are used to permanently remove unwanted body hair in both men and women alike. Unlike popular hair removals methods like waxing and shaving, laser hair removal will not result in faster hair growth or ingrown hairs. Instead, unwanted hair is permanently gone for good.

There is a widespread opinion that laser hair removal is expensive and not affordable. Here is a fact!

“Lifetime of waxing costs much higher than one-time laser hair removal.”

Depending upon the person’s hair growth rate and skin type, one may need two or more sessions of laser hair removal procedure. But, the total cost of the treatment will be much lesser than what you spend in your whole life for waxing. Apart from the cost benefits, this treatment also comes with various advantages:

  • No ingrown hairs
  • Accurate target on hair follicles to stop their growth
  • Saves grooming time
  • Results are permanent
  • 100% safe with no risks
  • No rashes or red spots on skin post-procedure

Why Laser Hair Removal is the Perfect Choice for Men?

Many men wish to get rid of unwanted hair on their chest, back, and other body parts. Most men opt for shaving, while some opt for waxing to remove unwanted body hair. These are quick and temporary hair removal methods. But, do they yield permanent results? No! In a few days, men notice the shaved hair growing back. They got to keep shaving & waxing throughout their life to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal is a permanent way for men to get rid of unwanted body hair in parts such as the chest, full back, full arms, underarm, neck, cheeks, ears, nose, forehead, between eyebrows, and private areas. It is a painless treatment with no side effects. To put it scientifically,

“In this treatment a concentrated beam of light (laser) is passed on the layer of skin targeting the hair follicles. The laser beam disables hair growth without causing any damage to the skin. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, you will no longer see hair growth on the treated area.”

3 Reasons Why Men Should Opt For Laser Hair Removal

  1. Prevents cuts & bruises, which usually happen during shaving.
  2. Prevents red spots & rashes caused after waxing.
  3. Saves waxing/shaving time. Grooming is much simpler & more manageable.

Why VCare for Laser Hair Removal?

In VCare, we use the Candela® GentleYag Pro-U, an advanced & effective laser for permanent hair removal. The laser precisely targets hair follicles without hurting the surrounding skin.

“Client Safety and Client Satisfaction are our Priority”

– “I was regularly practicing the shaving method to remove unwanted hair on my chest. After a lot of thought, I spoke to one of the doctors in VCare. After the consultation, I was convinced to take the laser hair removal sessions. After the sessions, I can see great hair reduction. It was worth my penny.”

– Kiran Kumar, a client of VCare

Candela® GentleYag Pro-U Laser Features

Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser
  • Ideal for people with dark skin: Not all lasers are suitable for darker skin tones. Many lasers cause pigmentation post-treatment. But, Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser is designed exclusively for treating people with darker skin.

“Not just for darker skin, Candela® GentleYag Pro-U is suitable for all skin tones.”

  • Suitable for both men & women: Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser is ideal for both men and women.
  • Gentle cool laser: Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser comes with a cooling system to offer extreme comfort to the clients during the treatment.
  • Ultimate safety: Candela® GentleYag Pro-U Cool Laser comes with techniques to protect the skin at any cost while laser beams are passed on the skin. So, 100% safety is guaranteed!
  • Multiple purposes: Apart from removing unwanted hair permanently, Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser treats wrinkles, vascular lesions, and onychomycosis (a fungal infection on the toe & fingernails).

Men or Women, Athletes or Professional, Dark skin or Wheat skin or Fair skin, Candela® GentleYag Pro-U laser is the best solution to remove unwanted body hair permanently. At VCare, we have certified & well-trained skincare experts to customize the treatment according to your skin type & hair growth.

Before / After Image - Laser Hair Removal

Are you still glued to the age-old waxing or shaving ritual? It’s high time you bestow your skin the comfort & benefits it deserves with this treatment.

Talk to one of our skincare experts now to learn more about the laser hair removal treatment we offer. Call us at +919551933333 for any queries.

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