Published on January 12, 2022 | By Dharani Senthilkumar



If only we knew that drinking water is this important?


We keep hearing a lot of “Drink your water” in recent times. Not because of Covid, but even in general, water is something in your life that will turn your cells on and help your body function like a Rockstar.


So, when the whole of your body gets the advantage, don’t you think your skin would benefit too? You would be surprised to hear this, but your skin deserves more water to keep your ageing like fine wine and put a glow that will induce others to look at you.



Don’t be sad if I ask you to sip a large glass of water and not your cup of tea as the first thing when you wake up.


Want to know why and what magic it can bring to your skin? They say drink 6-8 glasses of water at least a day, but the fact is that there is no less or more when it comes to drinking water. Drink water as and when you feel, but only when thirsty and not unnecessarily. On that note, be aware that even excessive hydration will cause damage to the body.


Research suggests that, on average, 13 cups of water in male adults and 9 cups of water in the case of female adults will be an appropriate measure. But there are good standpoints to understand that people with lower body hydration face issues like premature ageing, saggy skin and many more. Take a look at this article where women faced a good amount of difference in their skin by raising their water consumption.



You don’t always have to drink gallons of water but even consume them in the form of food on your plate. Consuming foods rich in water content like cucumber, lettuce, and watermelon can do wonders.


Eczema, a condition where the skin appears dry, itchy and patchy, is common among many people around. The causes may be internal or external, but hydrating yourself enough can slowly help slower the condition. Along with other topical treatments, drinking water and keeping the body hydrated enough work best.


When you skip drinking water, your skin may become dry. As a result, excess oil secretion will happen, leading to acne. So when there is enough water supply to the skin, the oil secretion will come to balanced and significant changes can also be observed on the diminishing acne.



As we age, the skin also appears to have wrinkles, fine lines, and a saggy look we start to feel bad about. But do you know that more water intake can help maintain the skin’s elasticity and keep you young and wild as always? So when the elasticity increases, the ageing signs automatically drop and keep the skin youthful.


Drinking water will help to flush toxins from the body and enhance blood circulation throughout the body. The skin replenishes as the toxins go away, and the skin tone brightens and appears free of damages.


Above all, the whole body benefits from drinking enough water. Your hairline, dandruff troubles, and hair breakage all come to a cure with consistent drinking patterns. So why waste such a precious source that is available in abundance?




Keep yourself hydrated, and let the water take over everything else.


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