Published on August 25, 2022 | By Dharani Senthilkumar

Looking for the best and safest way to eliminate those facial fuzz and unwanted hair?

There are a lot of ways to remove unwanted body/facial hair. Unfortunately, not every way will turn out as safest and provide long-lasting results.

No wonder all women wish to have a buttery body free from too much hair. And similarly, even some men may want to trim their hair level.

Top ways that are being widely in use include,

The use of depilatory creams, tweezing, laser hair removal, shaving,  waxing, natural ways like honey, sugar scrub, and so on.


Depilatory creams do not remove hair from the root and often work on the skin’s topmost surface. As a result, hair grows back faster than any other method.

Stubbles are noticeable within two to three days in most cases. These depilatory creams are quicker and easier to use. But they may not be much satisfying when it comes to lasting results.

Also, using hair removal cream can cause itching, burns, and allergic reactions to the skin. Since these creams contain thioglycolic acid, a chemical to speed up hair removal. While using the cream on your skin, follow the instructions with care. Too much time with the cream on the skin can cause reactions that may irritate the skin.


Waxing, another common way to remove the body or facial hair, is widely preferred by many people nowadays. This is because the results from waxing make it safe and preferable to shaving. Moreover, as the hair is removed from the follicle, the chances of it growing back faster are less. And that makes waxing better than shaving.

Still, waxing carries its cons.

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Electrolysis is also one process by which the hair is removed individually with the help of an electric current. A thin wire inserted into the skin’s surafce will destroy the hair follicle and damage the hair root. This will help in reducing hair growth by sessions gradually.

Like laser hair removal, this process will also require sessions depending on individuals’ hair growth and cycle.


Shaving is one of the commonly used methods to eliminate unwanted body or facial hair. Though shaving is considered more straightforward and quicker than other methods, specific side effects will affect the region. Irritation, itching and burning sensation, and ingrown hair in the shaved area are possible side effects after shaving.


Plucking hair with sterilized tweezers is another way to tackle body and facial hair. Though some exceptions exist, like tweezing the nose hair or on the affected area may double the trouble.

Plucking can cause a trigger to the hair follicle and may postpone hair regrowth in that area for an extended period.


Of all the methods used for removing hair, laser hair removal is the most suggested to achieve permanent results with a completely safe treatment procedure. However, the number of sessions depends upon the hair growth of the individual, and an average of 6-8 sessions will be given for better results.

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People have relied on basic home remedies like sugar, lemon juice, and hot water to treat unwanted hair. In addition, egg white with cornstarch and many other ingredients are mixed to get off with body or facial hair. But, permanency and safety are still in question, so avoiding these home remedies is better.

Now that we have discussed the various methods for hair removal, choose the one that’s more convenient and safe, and most importantly, the method that will yield lasting results.

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