5 Summer Hacks to Maintain Best Skin Health And Glow

Published on June 25, 2022 | By Shakthi Sai Prashanthi 

Many summer hacks exist to protect our skin and keep it healthy from the scary summer. However, as maintaining healthy skin can get tricky during summer, constant sweating due to scorching heat can result in suntan, rashes, acne, pigmentation, dark spots, etc. Despite trying several methods to protect skin from all the above issues, we somehow become victims of any skin problems. Therefore, this blog will list some of the most effective summer hacks to retain your skin health and glow.



If your skin is not allergic or sensitive to aloe vera, apply aloe vera gel on your face and exposed body parts before going out in the Sun. Aloe vera gel can be an excellent moisturizer with hydrating and cooling properties. In addition, it will soothe your skin and makes it fresh. Dark spots and blemishes will also slowly disappear if you regularly use aloe vera gel.


Skipping sunscreen during summer is a bad idea! Sunscreen should be applied all days of the year, as the Sun’s UV rays can harm skin even during cloudy days or winters. In addition, sunscreen will act as a protecting shield to your skin from harmful UV rays. Apply sunscreen with SPF over 30/50 for adequate protection. Reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours as even the best sunscreens wear off after a few hours.

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It is usual for your skin to get sweaty and salty during summer. Sometimes the dirt, sweat, and salt accumulate in pores and cause acne. Therefore, it is important to double cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize to keep your skin as fresh as lime. Do double cleansing using an oil-based cleanser and gel-based cleanser. If not, double cleanse. First, cleanse your skin at least once using a suitable cleanser. Then, exfoliate once or twice a week using your favorite scrub. Moisturizing your skin should be done every day after cleansing to maintain the softness and texture.



Your body and skin need a lot of water to stay healthy during summer. Drinking enough water will keep your skin healthy and maintain its radiance. As our body loses water in sweat during summer, it is vital to replace lost water with hydration regularly. You can also drink fruits and vegetable smoothies, juices, and detox drinks to stay hydrated.


Despite following a lot of hacks, you might sometimes have a summer tan, rashes, or other skin issues. You can try out DIY home remedies for the problems using products or ingredients available at your home. Some popular home remedy ingredients for skin include honey, milk, curd, aloe vera, coconut oil, papaya, lemon, banana peels, etc. In addition, you can choose appropriate ingredients suitable for your skin type and prepare a face pack or face scrub to keep your skin glowing during summer.

Avoid wearing sleeveless dresses while stepping out in the Sun, as it will cause direct damage to your skin. Instead, wear full sleeves with a hat on your head under direct sun exposure. Of course, summer is unavoidable, but the skin issues prone to occur during summer can be avoided if you spend some extra time taking care of your skin.

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