Published on June 17, 2022 | By Dharani Senthilkumar


Melasma is a condition that is very common among most people. And there are favorable treatments like chemical peels to overcome them. Cosmelan and dermamelan are the two most promising peel treatments available for people dealing with melasma.

Before heading to any peel treatment, it is imperative to keep the doctors informed about your previous skincare regime. This preliminary step is vital to ensure that the clients face no sensitivities at any point during the treatment.



Cosmelan peel is an effective non-surgical depigmentation treatment option for those dealing with melasma. Melasma and pigmentation due to various other issues are also treatable under this peel. Be it freckles, brown spots, aging spots, and grey-brown patches, cosmelan is a bright solution.

The ingredients like kojic acid, azelaic acid, and similar actives present in the peel will calm down the affected area. As a result, you can notice visible changes in the pigmented areas during the following weeks. Cosmelan focuses on keeping the melanin production balanced and provides an even complexion to the skin.

Cosmelan peel is suitable for all skin types. And results will be evident in 4-5 weeks period. Moreover, there are no major post procedure effects with this chemical peeling, except for noticeable redness and flaking of the skin, which can be kept in control with the application of mild creams prescribed by our doctors.

After the treatment, certain precautions need to be followed, which our skincare experts will adequately advise.

Hence cosmelan is a perfect management solution to treat the condition of melasma.


Dermamelan peel, just as assuring as cosmelan peel, is a non-surgical treatment used in the cases of people facing severe pigmentation issues. Both the peels effectively resurface the skin and provide a brighter complexion, better texture, and even skin tone. As a result of which, the pigmented skin tone vanishes. Like cosmelan peels, dermamelan treats freckles, age spots, pigmentation, and blemishes.

After applying the peel, it activates cell renewal in the affected area, restricts the excess melanin production, and acts effectively on the blemished area on the skin.

It takes about 3-8 weeks to see full-fledged results. But post the treatment immediately, you can feel changes in the skin tone for sure.

The peels are comfortable, and our clients have no reports about it being painful. After applying the mask, you may sense a slight itch, which gets utterly normal after the removal.

The side effects are the same as that of cosmelan peel, where you will see reddening and flaking of the skin, which typically fades over time.

Dermamelan is one step higher management solution to melasma, and following the skincare routine conservatively is essential for the maintenance of the skin.


Cosmelan and dermamelan treatments at VCare are highly non-invasive solutions to treat your melasma conditions at ease. So head over to your nearby clinic and take a consultation with our skincare experts or reach out to us at +91 9840234023. So bid goodbye to pigmentation and welcome your healthy skin with us!

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