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Once in a while in our life, each one of us would come across a phase. The phase when we face painful bumps or discoloration in the skin that is different from usual pimples.

No wonder we might have mistaken it for a pimple. But this could be a condition called ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is not so welcomed but happens when a trigger occurs on the skin’s surface.


ingrown hair

The hair grows from under the follicle bulb and passes through the pores on the surface of the skin. When these pores get clogged with dirt or dead skin cells, the hair follicle tends to curl up inside and stays beneath the skin. This curled-up hair will form a painful bump, either where the ingrown hair will be visible or many a time filled with pus that can cause pain in the area.

It has been said people with curly or thick hair are often more susceptible to the problem of ingrown hair.

Ingrown hairs can go away on their own and might require medical attention only if it is longstanding and inflamed.


One could find ingrown hair in the shaved or tweezed areas of the body. The most common regions include the armpits, face, pubic area, beard area, and legs. Apart from this, it can occur anywhere in the body from where hair is plucked/removed.

So this ingrown hair could start as a tiny pimple-like bump and can become much bigger over time into a pus-filled pimple. Or it may disappear on its own as well.

Predominantly these occur due to reasons like shaving closer to the skin, using a multi-blade razor, a blunt razor, or wearing tight clothes.

ingrown hair

To clearly understand what happens when we shave or wax our body/facial hair, check out this blog on the effects of shaving and waxing.

It could make us feel uncomfortable by causing an itch or irritation in the skin. It may turn out to be painful as well.


But by following these tips when removing hair, these can be prevented.

  • Make sure never to shave closer to the skin’s surface. Shaving closer to the skin makes the chances of razor burns and hair curling up from inside highly possible.
  • Prepping the skin before shaving and after shaving is unavoidable. A gentle exfoliator or shaving cream helps make the process smoother and free from cuts and nicks.
  • Cleanse your face and body thoroughly and make the pores free from clogging dirt and oil. The hair naturally grows in the wrong direction when the pores are clogged.
  • While shaving, always makes sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth and not against the grain.
  • Wearing tight clothes throughout the day can irritate the skin. And may force the hair to pull itself from the inside, leading to ingrown hair again.

To avoid these troubles permanently, switching to laser hair removal treatment is better to get all the hair vanished without major side effects. The outcome of laser hair removal are permanent, safe, and free from irritations, itching, and ingrown hair.


Ingrown hair is not a serious concern and can probably be treated at home. However, when the issue persists, it may require medical attention. Usually, OTC medical applications are prescribed, or pulling the hair with a sterile needle is performed by the physician.

But ideally, these can get better by following better hygiene. Also, depending upon other options for hair removal, like shaving, waxing, or tweezing, following up with a proper aftercare routine can make way for fighting ingrown hair without much difficulty.

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