Hair Removal Cream Vs. Laser Hair Removal – What Works Better

Published on February 08, 2023 | By Admin

Laser hair removal

There are plenty of hair removal methods available. The question is, which one should you pick? Shaving? Chemical creams? Epilators?  Each of these methods has certain pros and cons, either less or widely accepted. In this article, you will learn about how laser hair removal works for you! 

It can become tiresome to constantly shave and wax, especially if your hair grows so quickly that you must do it every day. Individuals will turn to the best hair removal cream to cut down on time spent shaving and waxing. Most people soon discover that laser hair removal treatments are more effective. 

Here are some things you should be aware of before you head out and purchase the best hair removal cream you can find.

How Does Hair Removal Cream Work? 

Hair removal creams: Depilatory creams, another name for hair removal creams, are chemical preparations that alter the hair’s protein structure. They turn the hair into a mass of jelly that can easily be removed from the skin. It is one of the simplest and quickest methods for removing body hair, particularly from areas of the body where waxing is challenging.

These creams are chemical substances that are applied and spread on the hair. A particular substance named thioglycolic acid is added in the form of various salts. 

Chemical creams and these substances break down the hair’s keratin structure. It dissolves the base of the hair. Several alkaline chemicals are typically present in depilatory creams. They are all made specifically to degrade the proteins in hair.

What Are The Downsides of Using Hair Removal Creams? 

  • Results are not permanent: Compared to laser hair removal treatment, the results of hair removal creams aren’t permanent. 
  • Can darken skin: When these creams are used too frequently or if you have dark hair and fair skin, the cream may darken the skin as it can sometimes leave behind a shadow. 
  • Chemical burns: Depilatory creams usually cause chemical burns, as these chemicals are used to melt the hair. Skin irritation from ingredients can vary in severity. It may start as a slight tingling or burning sensation or manifest as a rash.
  • Allergic reactions: With all the chemicals involved in making the cream, it can cause allergic reactions: swelling, rashes, and welt formation, depending upon the severity.
  • Not suitable for all creams: These creams need to be applied carefully because they contain potent chemicals. Your eyes, nose, and other exposed areas shouldn’t be exposed to these creams. 

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow With Laser Hair Removal 

One of the most common cosmetic procedures performed worldwide is laser hair removal. It shines concentrated light into the hair follicles, where the strand’s pigment absorbs the light and kills the hair. Laser hair removal treatment at our clinic is highly precise. It can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while causing no harm to the surrounding skin. Both men and women can benefit from laser hair removal.

  • Hair loss occurs immediately after treatment.
  • Instant results are delivered by performing the best procedures via our certified experts.
  • It is a safe and effective treatment where equipment is precisely used, leaving no hair behind. 

Laser Hair Removal at VCare

We at VCare use advanced Q-Switch laser hair removal equipment. The best laser hair removal in Chennai is what we are renowned for. You can count on us to provide the following services: 

  • Produce effective services
  • Utilize precise tools and techniques to produce permanent hair removal and pain relief.
  • A course of action that is both secure and affordable and results in acceptable outcomes
  • One of the most efficient treatments, done by trained professionals with cutting-edge methods, and suitable for all skin types.

Let Us Bust Several Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Myth 1: Laser hair removal exposes you to radiation 

Fact: FDA-recommended and approved hair removal systems do not emit radiation. So it’s not harmful to patients going through laser hair removal treatment. 

Myth 2: Laser hair removal is not safe

Fact: The safety of laser hair removal depends on the laser system used. Systems for removing hair that is safe to use have received FDA approval and recommendations. It is always advised to visit certified dermatologists using an FDA-approved system to prevent issues during and after the laser hair removal procedure.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal is only done for women

Fact: Hair removal used to be exclusively a female practice. Not any longer. To achieve finer and lighter hair, more and more men are choosing laser hair removal.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment at VCare

 The treatment has several benefits of being performed under the guidance of top-notch professionals. 

  • International standard treatment performed via world-class dermatologists
  • FDA-approved technologies and cutting-edge facilities
  • Professional advice on skincare by experts 
  • Unparalleled revolutionized treatments, such as laser hair removal using Cryo-therapy for effective healing

Pre-Treatment Care at VCare

  • The area is shaved after assessing the hair growth in the concentrated region.
  • Please avoid using any products 24 hours before the procedure.

Post-Treatment Care at VCare

  • Follow and adhere to the instructions given by our certified doctors.
  • Keep the treated area clean and gentle post the treatment.
  • As directed by our experts, attend any scheduled follow-up or maintenance treatments.
  • Avoid the sun (and tanning beds) and use high-quality sunscreen, as UV exposure can irritate the treated skin and make hair removal more difficult.

Wrapping Up 

The biggest argument has laser hair removal in favour of effective results. The laser hair removal treatments are fast and straightforward, with no downtime. It offers a permanent solution to all your hair removal problems. 

A no-hassle life. That is what you can expect after laser hair removal. Never shave wax, or apply chemical creams again. Never have to worry about body hair ever again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have learned the above hair removal creams and laser hair removal treatment let us unravel several frequently asked questions regarding them and their responses from the experts: 

1. Is laser hair removal treatment suitable for me? 

Yes, the majority of people today opt for Laser Hair Removal. More than 65-70% of males and 80-85% of females who use laser hair removal have an 80-95% success rate.

2. What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment? 

  • One of the most effective treatments, performed by trained professionals using cutting-edge methods on all skin types.
  • Utilize precise tools and techniques to produce permanent hair removal and pain relief.
  • Unwanted hair from large areas of skin can be removed quickly. 
  • This method is effective compared to waxing, shaving, plucking, and other methods.
  • No cuts and burns as seen using physical methods.

3. How many sessions are required for laser hair removal treatment? 

The sessions depend on or vary from patient to patient. Minimum  six to eight sessions may be required depending on the client.

4. Is there any downtime after laser hair removal treatment? 

No, there is usually no downtime with laser hair removal. The laser hair removal treatment would show effective results, and despite the treatment, most people resume their normal routines.

5. Is laser hair removal treatment better than hair removal creams? When do I get to see the results? 

Laser hair removal is more effective and safe than hair removal creams. It offers a permanent solution compared to other hair removal methods. Most people notice results after each treatment session, but your final results won’t be visible until you’ve completed all recommended sessions.

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