Published on October 6, 2021 | By Dharani Senthilkumar


Who will not love a hairless silky smooth body? I am one among the lovers of it. But on the verge of craving such, we constantly look for temporary solutions like shaving and waxing. Isn’t it?

None can deny the times when we have to shave half of our legs to wear Capri pants. Or hands to wear a sleeveless top. Bikini line shaves to maintain hygiene, and even maintaining facial hairs for a proper makeup blend has become a routine. No wonder these weapons are pure intimidators in every woman’s life.

To maintain a hair-free body, opting for temporary solutions is not a better choice. Want to know why? Here are the reasons:


If you shave regularly,

  • Burns and bruises may appear.
  • The hair is just shaved on the topmost layer of the skin and not from the roots. This is the main reason why the hair growing back after shaving will appear thicker as it was shaved in its dense phase of growth.
  • The ingrown hairs can cause irritation and itching.
  • Reddish appearance on the skin post-shaving is possible if prone to allergies.


If you wax regularly,

  • The application of heated wax on the skin leads to causing pigmentation.
  • Undoubtedly, it is a painful procedure along with heat application.
  • A dark bump might tend to show up owing to the inflammation caused to the hair follicles. This is also common while shaving.
  • Induces allergic responses to the skin.

The other type is the use of chemical creams to remove the hair can darken the skin and irritate the hair causing disruptions in further hair growth.


A hairy body is of no disgust because it is inherent right from the day we are born. Moreover, these body hairs are vital in protecting the skin against sun damages, rashes and heals any wounds or cuts. Some females may face more hair growth less than men or even like men, which might be due to genetics and imbalance in hormones.

While having body hair is beneficial, many won’t prefer having them and choose to remove it. But how hair is removed is crucial.

Razors, waxing and chemical cream removal methods may look more manageable and comfortable. As they carry their pros and cons, isn’t it best to look out for something which offers a permanent solution?

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