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All you are constantly hearing is acne, toothpaste hacks, spot treatments, pop it up and so on. But have you ever tried a permanent solution for this everlasting trouble?

If you are ever confused about why is this acne showing up, look out to know it all extensively. Not every acne on your skin is severe or recurrent, and they come in different forms. It is essential to know about the types you are dealing with. Isn’t it?

A quick brief on the commonly occurring types of acne is down for view,

Papules are bumps that appear like a pink or red bump which might be of different sizes and is prone to inflammation.

Pustules appear as a whitehead with pus-filled either whitish or yellowish and if picked, transforms into scar and infection.

Nodules are considered a more severe condition that needs clinical assistance as nodules can develop into a deep-rooted infection and stubborn scars on the skin.

Cysts are similar to nodules which appears like a huge lump. Like nodules, cysts also demands dermatologists’ attention to heal as this will turn out to be severe acne, scarring, and deep infection.

At VCare, we offer personalized consultations and treatments to each individual’s skin concern. Two approaches are provided where normal acne conditions will be treated by providing home care kits formulated by our Research and development team.


Since it is formulated keeping in mind the types of skin concern and skin tones based on physiological conditions, the products will have their control and produce adequate controls to treat the condition.

Our initial approach to non-inflammatory to moderately inflamed acne is to provide homecare kits for days as demanded by the severity, followed by peels and facials if initial steps do not help.

In more inflamed cases like nodules and cysts or nodular cysts, topical medication will not be sufficient. It will need a dermatologist’s hands-on to heal the condition and scarring through exfoliation, peels and facial.

Stem cell acne facial is a method of treating acne holistically by an exfoliation that gives in more penetration and attacks the deep-rooted infection with nano encapsulated cosmeceuticals, exclusively infused even in our homecare kits. One of the main reasons pigmentation occurs is the open pores and the scarring effect every acne leaves. To treat the inflammation and pigmentations, a peel and facial is prescribed to reduce the scarring effect and bring back life to the skin.

Acne scarring is the mark on which the acne leaves once its lumpy or bumpy appearance vanishes. Scars are treatable with a simple massage or even with the application of needles, PRP’s, peels and laser therapies.


Chemical peels are the exfoliators that enhance the damaged skin into a clearer and brighter one. Phenolic, glycolic, salicylic, and acnelan are some peels available for the rescue as to how the condition demands.

Microdermabrasion is a process that runs through the skin to cure the scars and healed acne. This can be called a machine-based exfoliation, which forces pressure using a vacuum that removes the dirt during the procedure from the damaged area and infuses skin with healthy serums to boost the skin.

Microneedling is a typical derma rolling procedure that stimulates collagen production, tightens pores, lightens pigmented skin, heals open pores and even out the skin.

Another treatment is PRP (Platelet-rich plasma), proven to revive the dead skin and revise the scars by remodelling the infected area. It is more of a renewal procedure that involves infusing PRP solutions taken from our blood cells. Laser treatments are also available to heal the scar and make it appear more natural. CO2 laser resurfacing is provided, and others are diagnosed as per individual’s conditions.


Worsened conditions can be treated by approaching a skincare clinic undergoing glycolic or Salicylic peeling, scalp disinfection therapy, clear skin therapy, etc. Visible changes can be felt with regular sessions as recommended. If you are among the many suffering from such conditions, we at VCare are here to assist you with our expert opinion and advanced, safe medical approaches. VCare cares more about you than you do by providing advanced treatments, therapies, follow-ups, backing you up emotionally.

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