Published on September 29, 2021 | By Dharani Senthilkumar


Just when you are hitting the adolescent age with rising fantasies and adrenaline, together, an alien on the face shows up. This has a more significant potential to turn off even the brightest day. Yes, silly little Acne poses a more significant threat to your confidence and happiness.

While they are generally called pimples, the medical term for this condition is “Acne.” Pimple, a pus-filled bump, a variant of Acne that appears on your skin when the pores are open to infection.


Your skin has open pores, and below such open pores, sebaceous glands are present. These sebaceous glands secrete oil naturally. When this oil mix with dead skin cells, dirt, the pores clog and becomes prone to infection, rising out like a pimple.

Acne is more stubborn and is often subjective to long-term conditions. It is due to the steady work of a bacteria called, Propionibacterium acnes. But most adults, both men, and women are prone to it, which is curable with proper dietary practices and medicines. Severe conditions are treatable through peel treatments, lasers, and therapies.


Sebum is a natural moisturizer to the skin which keeps the surface hydrated. When you apply more products to the skin, for instance, if a person with oily skin uses topical oily products to remove the excess oil and prevent infections, it reacts differently.Since the excess oil is stripped out, the skin becomes dry. So the skin, by nature, tries to produce more oil to moisturize skin and secretes excess sebum in response to the dryness, which is why the pores get clogged.

And the other way, when excess oil mixes with bacteria, it triggers acne formation. An average amount of bacteria naturally present in the skin is balanced by the PH. When there are triggers in the hormones, this level disrupts, giving skin inflammations and disorders.


Some common reasons that trigger  include,

  • Excess secretion of oil in sebaceous glands and when these integrate with dirt or dead skin cells, infection in that specific area bothers.
  • An increase in male hormones (Androgens) is responsible for reproduction and growth in both men and women. When there is an increase in this secretion, the condition of Acne is present in both men and women. Since men naturally have higher androgens, they tend to be more prone to Acne in their teenage years and even middle age.
  • Allergic reactions due to medications taken for other health conditions.
  • Over-use of cosmetic products or choosing the wrong product can cause breakouts. Obviously, wearing makeup, if not using the right product or practising the safe after makeup routine, can clog pores and infect.
  • Dandruff is another cause that can pair up with bacteria to pop out pimples. Scratching your head because of the itching caused by dandruff can help fall the flakes to the face and back area. These flakes infect the clogged pores and lead to breakouts.
  • Environmental conditions like pollution, dirt, and dust emitted out can cause irritations to the skin.
  • Stress levels, to a great extent, induce the infection.


Though acne conditions may make you feel inferior to others, you must understand that it is a phase in everyone’s life. While it may occur in the early 20s for some people, it may occur during their mid-age times.

Stay sane during the phase, for many options available to bring back the charm.

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